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Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Hiran is the largest manufacturer of Ciprofloxacin with a 25-30 per cent market share and aims to attain global leadership in this product segment. In fact the company is the number one producer of this drug in the country with its products being exported to over 60 countries. Our constant endeavor to control costs and achieve 
operational excellence has enabled the company to clock phenomenal growth in this business. Going ahead, the focus of this business is to move products from unregulated markets to regulated markets and optimise the new products opportunities in regulated markets.

Manufacturing facilities

Hiran has successfully augmented its capacities more than 30 fold since inception from 30 MT per annum to 960 MT per annum in 2005. The company has two versatile manufacturing units in its plant at Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Hiran ensures that the manufacturing capacities incorporate best practices and adhere to stringent regulatory compliances and quality norms. Further, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have reactors with an existing capacity of 251,620 litres. These reactors can handle temperatures from 0-1500C and maintain pressure up to 5kg/cm2 and the reactions preformed and can be performed are as follows:


Hiran commenced operations primarily as an API bulk drug manufacturer, but in order to lure attractive margins and increase its realisations Hiran intends to move up the value chain by a foray into the formulations space through contract manufacturing. Thus, as a forward integration initiative to manufacture Ciprofloxacin Formulation, 
the company commissioned a new division - Hiran Lifesciences for formulations. This division would manufacture different formulations, which will address the requirements of pharmaceutical companies globally.

Reactions performed

  • Alkylation

  • Cyclization

  • Hydrolysis

  • Condensation

  • Esterification

  • Handling of Sodium Hydride

  • Electrophilic additions

  • Nucleophilic substitutions

Reactions can be performed

  • Wolff-Kishner reduction

  • soduimborohydride handling

  • Permanganate Oxidation

  • Acid to Acid Chloride

  • Reimer-Tiemann reaction

Currently, the company is engaged in formulations through contract manufacturing but going ahead it intends to establish its own manufacturing unit in Gujarat along with a US FDA approved unit. This new unit would be well equipped with R&D as Hiran views its R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide the company a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. At Hiran, research meets technology everyday and experience & equipment come together in a winning combination to deliver solutions that match 
international standards.


Quality is always the result of sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. To be competitive, Hiran fully appreciates that it needs to provide a product, into which quality is designed, built and consistently maintained at the most economical costs. Hiran possesses GMP compliance and follows ICH guidelines with regards to quality at its multi-functional API manufacturing facility, which helps optimise production costs with speed and accuracy. At Hiran, the quality team begins to contribute to the product right from the development stage and to ensure quality control, at every stage Hiran has put in place a well -equipped quality control department responsible for a detailed quality check of each and every batch thereby ensuring that the customer receives product of the highest quality.


Pharmaceuticals companies' across the glob are today injecting a new dose of competitiveness by focusing on building world-class and intellectually driven organisations to compete in the markets of the future. Hiran has the vision to emerge as a knowledge-based and dependable pharmaceutical supplier to the global healthcare industry and in out endeavor to do so we have embarked on developing an ecommerce site. This would enable us to expand our market base and will narrow down our distribution chain and network. To move to the next stellar level and attain global leadership, in addition to expanding capacities, launching new products and embarking on backward integration, Hiran has forayed into the manufacture of formulations which will cumulatively sharpen its edge in cost-effective, quality and end-to-end solutions in the quinolones group of products enabling it to emerge as one complete integrated player.

Product List

 HUMAN API'S      
Ciprofloxacin HCL
Ciprofloxacin Base
Ciprofloxacin Lactate
Levofloxacin Hemihydrate




Quinnedi HCL


Pantoprazole Sodium
Danofloxacin Mesylate


Losartan Potassium



Sildenafil Citrate

Enrofloxacin HCL
Enrofloxacin Base
Enrofloxacin Lactate
Difloxacin HCL
Difloxacin Base
Difloxacin Lactate
Sarafloxacin HCL
Sarafloxacin Base
Sarafloxacin Lactate




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