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HPC has grown to be one of the most competitive and leading distributors, exporters and partners in China from a tiny trading pharmaceutical company in early 90s. We have a very good and long trading history with Europe, USA, Asia for almost 15 year.  Recently we have enlarged the scope of our activity to enhance our position in Eastern Europe, South America and India.


Our head office is located in a special economic zone, highly developed area in the south of China: Shenzhen city - on the border of Hong Kong. Besides we have a branch office with our own warehouses in Shanghai, and representative officers in Beijing and Hong Kong.


We have been working hard over these years to provide HPC's customers and partners with quality products and professional services. We are acting as a sole and exclusive agent for a number of reputable local manufacturers, promoting and distributing their products around the world. We have a deep and greater understanding of every market we are dealing in, its specifics and demands.


We are dealing in a wide range of pharma products, such as APIs, vitamins, analgesics, antibiotics, food and feed additives, amino acids, intermediates etc. All of our APIs are supplied by cGMP-certified manufacturers who have achieved DMF and COS/FDA  certifications, or registration in the countries of C.I.S. and India. Our company is 
extremely strong with:

Vitamins (food/feed grade) - export of more than 500 tons a year;
Doxycycline Hcl - export of more than 400 tons a year;
Neomycin Sulphate - export of 100,000 BOU a year
Lincomycin Hcl - export of 200 tons a year;
Gentamycin Sulphate Sterile - export of 30,000 BOU a year;
Paracetamol - export of more than 1,200 tons a year.
- export of 1000 tons
- export of 500 tons
- export of 350 tons
- export of 300 tons
- export of 200 tons
- export of 200 tons





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