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At IRIS International, quality service remains uncompromised. To get our customer the finest product available in the market, we had to get the finest supplier onboard. And we did. We have taken the liberty to not only serve as Indenters, but as representatives of these globally esteemed raw/packaging material manufacturers. We value our suppliers as much as they do us, and work together towards serving the Industries in Pakistan with immaculate standards of service.

Our Product Suppliers

Our Customers

Over the past decade and a half of our existence, we have served not just the Pharmaceutical Industry, but Food-Chem, Petro-Chem industries as well. Our customer base features a diverse clientele all over Pakistan, with Karachi and Punjab being our strong zones.

The customer is indeed, always right! Providing key quotations at market competitive rates; routine follow-ups, updates on new offerings from our reliable suppliers are all an integral part of our customer service, and we pledge to never keep the customer waiting.

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